Onshore Pipeline

Submar understands and works closely with pipeline companies and regulatory agencies to repair deficiencies in the safest and most economical way.

Submar’s Onshore Pipeline Erosion Control Division specializes in designing and installing custom solutions —including obtaining permits and maintaining regulatory compliance—that maximize long-term protection of exposed pipelines while minimizing their impact to the inland waterway.

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Most Widely Used Erosion Control Products

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      • Onshore Pipeline Protection For:
        • Channels & Canals
        • Streams, Rivers, & Bayous
        • Embankments
        • Drainage Ditches
        • Earth Stabilization Walls
        • Shorelines, Lakes, & Reservoirs
        • Low-water Crossings
        • Wind Erosion


      • Moves Easily for Pipeline Access
      • Creates/Provides a Traversable Surface
      • Conforms to Ground Contours
      • Authorized by USACE’s Regulatory Division Under the Nationwide Permit Program
      • Revegetates & Supports Wildlife, Increasing Diversity
      • Causes Minimal Disturbance to Surrounding Environment
      • Made/Offered in Standardized Sizes
      • Installs Easily
      • Economical
      • Environmentally Compliant


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