Erosion Control

Erosion Control

Articulated Concrete Block Mats (ACBMs)

Submar ACBMs are designed for maximum erosion control. They are manually installed over a filter fabric that promotes proper drainage and allows for natural vegetative growth, adding lasting benefits to the property. The interlocking blocks enable easy, economical installation in areas prohibitive of heavy equipment due to site constraints and remote access. By design, these mats can be installed in stages as a project progresses or as a budget allows.

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pdf-icon-smCase Studies: Verada – ACBM Channel LiningStorage Facility – ACBM Storage Facility Stabilization with Place N LaceO’Hare – ACBM Retention BasinLake Lamoure – ACBM Emergency Spillway DamChevron Tank Farm – ACBM Tank Farm Stabilization with Place N LaceBorder Fence – ACBM Low-Water Crossing and Access Road


Transition Mats

Transition mats are a safe and aesthetically pleasing, performance-tested biotechnical replacement for rip rap and other hard armor. The mats provide extreme impact resistance, high tensile strength, and permanent durability against highly erosive forces. Applications include culverts, overflow structures, stream banks, and transition zones.

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Concrete Armor Units

Submar’s concrete armor units are the #1 application to date for energy dissipation and scour countermeasure. The units are designed to interlock and trap soil, effectively preventing scour from occurring within a waterway while simultaneously stabilizing the banks and promoting new vegetation. This revolutionary product also dissipates the kinetic energy of the waterway, preventing the instability such energy can cause to banks, bridges and pier abutments. The interlocking installation process is easily accomplished by hand, which offers a more viable option for scourline armoring, particularly for projects where access to heavy equipment is limited.

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