Offshore Pipeline Protection

Offshore Pipeline Mats

Sometimes referred to as a mud mat, a Submar or a wetcast, Submar’s offshore mats are used and approved by BSEE and offshore operators for their unparalleled safety and quality. Submar’s offshore mats are the most effective and long-lasting solution to traditional alternatives such as riprap, sandbags, structural concrete, grout mats and other durable hard-armor protection systems.

Please note that if you plan to place this mat directly on a pipeline, you will also want to use our patented non-shielding, non-abrasive pads.

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Deployment Frames

Submar’s patented mechanical frames promote safety in addition to saving time and money offshore. ROV-friendly frames are safer than using divers in deep water. The mechanical frame’s quick release handle allows for mat installation within an hour. The dual and triple mechanical frames are capable of installing multiple Submar mats at one time, reducing hours of deployment and overall days at sea.

pdf-icon-sm20′ Manual Release Yard Frame

pdf-icon-sm20′ Single Release Deployment Frame

pdf-icon-sm40′ Single Release Deployment Frame

pdf-icon-sm60′ Single Release Deployment Frame

pdf-icon-sm20′ Dual Release Frame Manual

pdf-icon-sm40′ Dual Release Deployment Frame Manual

pdf-icon-sm40′ Dual Mechanical ROV Friendly Frame

pdf-icon-smDual Mechanical Release Handling Frame

Sling Bags/Sand Cement Bags

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