Site Evaluation and Engineered Design

A typical construction project begins with a complimentary site visit from a regional Submar representative, who will perform a field survey before producing scale drawings of existing conditions. Applying fluvial geomorphology concepts, our Projects and Engineering Departments will propose a product layout specific to the project’s needs, which will be depicted in our proposal. Submar’s complimentary turnkey proposals include a site description, failure analysis, engineered design drawings of the proposed product placement, scope of work, and a quote for the construction costs.


As a design/build contractor, we are proud to announce that we are a licensed professional surveying and engineering firm in the state of Louisiana.

Surveying License No. VF 770

Engineering License No. EF 6196

Regulatory and Permitting Assistance

Our complimentary proposals include detailed information regarding anticipated permitting requirements for our solution.

Submar also provides turnkey permitting services, but this level of service is paid. Contact us for more information.