New York Pipeline Blockage May Be Causing Higher Energy Rates

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Subsea Pipelines are a Safe Haven for Marine Life

A study has noted that subsea pipelines in northwest Australia provide safe havens for commercially-important fish. The research project carried out by The University of Western Australia on a BHP subsea oil and gas pipeline off the northwest coast of Australia has found the pipeline has two to three times more the commercial value of


Diesel is in Demand

The International Maritime Organization has new rules on fuel emissions that will come into effect in 2020. Those rules will put diesel in high demand. The new emission rules stipulate that only vessels using fuels with a sulfur content of 0.5 percent or less will be allowed to roam the oceans. That strategy is aimed


Cactus Oil Pipeline to Begin Partial Operation Next Week

Plains All American’s Cactus II pipeline that will carry crude oil from the Permian Basin to Corpus Christi in Texas will begin partial commercial operations next week, the company’s chief executive stated during the company’s second-quarter financial results, as quoted by Reuters. Cactus II has a nameplate capacity of 670,000 barrels daily and is one


How Satellite Technology is Helping to Keep Pipelines Safe

Increased competition and the rising regulations from the government have driven many of the technological improvements in the pipeline industry in recent years. Ageing pipeline systems are incurring higher operating costs to meet the rigid safety standards. Recent decades have shown a significant drop in pipeline accidents, such as oil spills or leakages, but have


Inside the Pipeline Monitoring Operation

Inside the Pipeline Monitoring Operation Pipeline companies use a wide variety of methods to monitor pipelines, from highly advanced technology to patrolling the pipeline right-of-way. Visual inspections are done regularly – either by walking, flying, or using drones – and the industry also uses electronic monitoring from high-tech control rooms and patrols inside the pipeline.