Is Soil Loss That Big Of A Concern?

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Submar Mats Put to Use

Before Submar installation. After Submar installation. Pipeline exposure due to wind and water erosion remediation is a key service provided by Submar, Inc. In this case a 24-inch diameter pipeline in Virginia was exposed due to soil degradation in the bed of the channel. Submar installed a system of articulating concrete block revetment mattresses, (ACB’s),


In Need Of Stream Restoration?

As you’re likely well aware, laying a pipeline in a river or stream is no small task. Fortunately, Submar, Inc., is here to provide you with all of your restoration solutions. We carry a staff of professional, highly-trained experts who can help with all of your project needs. Our team has a keen understanding of


Hurricanes Bring Beach Erosion To Light

Last fall, three major hurricanes struck the United States and caused significant flooding and damage. While many people see the devastation on television, they fail to consider the major environmental impacts that hurricanes can have, such as beach erosion, a significant problem that can end up impacting offshore pipelines. Because these storms have been growing


Drone Technology Can Revolutionize Our Industry

Do you struggle with pipeline maintenance? That’s understandable. It’s difficult to maintain hundreds of miles of pipeline and account for cracks or erosion. Thanks to new technology, however, pipeline maintenance is a challenge that is becoming easier to overcome. The Submar, Inc., team has recently introduced exciting drone technology to help with pipeline monitoring and


Choosing A Water Truck

When working on an exposed pipeline, you should put a considerable amount of time and effort into choosing the proper construction equipment. It may seem tedious, but many in our industry often overlook it. Having the right construction equipment on hand when working on an exposed pipeline could prevent serious injuries or death to the