New York Pipeline Blockage May Be Causing Higher Energy Rates

New York Pipeline Blockage May Be Causing Higher Energy Rates

  • President Trump told thousands of workers about the strength of the economy and the new investments energy companies are making in the United States. However, at one point he turned his attention to the failings of his home state — New York — in energy and other areas.
  • “From 2010 to 2017, natural gas production plummeted by nearly 70 percent in New York,” said Trump, adding that “New York won’t allow us to build a pipeline. ​​​​​​

Trump visited the Keystone State Tuesday to visit Shell’s soon-to-be-completed Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex, which will turn western Pennsylvania’s vast natural gas deposits into plastics.

“Just compare the enormous success here in Pennsylvania with the tremendous folly happening right across a line, a little line in New York. Both states have vast energy reserves. But New York prohibits development while Pennsylvania welcomes it,” said Trump.

Trump was referring to the decision in May by New York state regulators who rejected the construction of a nearly $1 billion natural gas pipeline that was to run 37 miles, connecting natural gas fields in Pennsylvania to New Jersey and New York.

Due to this lack of pipelines in the Empire State, Trump claimed “New York energy rates are through the roof” and stated that New Yorkers are “burdened with more power outages and electricity rates. You never saw anything like this.”

Taking note of the several lawsuits filed by the New York State attorney general, Trump said, “All New York likes to do is sue me… they sue me for everything so they can try to stop us by any means possible.”

Despite the lawsuits, opposition from Democrats, and the fight against pipeline expansion, Trump told the Pennsylvanians in attendance he will not be deterred.

“My vision is the exact opposite, and we want to work with New York. We want to help New York. They need jobs in New York so badly.’’