Pipeline Inspection Made Easier With Fotech’s Monitoring Product

Pipeline Inspection Made Easier With Fotech’s Monitoring Product

Fotech Solutions recently announced an upgrade that makes pipeline inspection easier than ever. The upgrade improves fiber optic sensing technology, which has quickly become one of the most efficient pipeline inspection methods in the industry.


Who Is Fotech?


Established in 2008, Fotech Solutions has spent the past decade working on Distributed Acoustic Sensor solutions for customers involved with gas and oil pipelines. Fotech says that their products provide live data for customers, allowing for swift and efficient decision-making. Although the company is fairly new, they have an impressive portfolio of investors, including

• BP
• Energy Ventures
• Clydesdale Bank


The LivePIPE II Project


Fotech recently announced that they had launched LivePIPE II. This technological upgrade, which Fotech says is the world’s first of its kind, extends the range capabilities of fiber optic sensing technology to 100km from an individual module.

The upgrade makes it easier than ever for companies to install fiber optic technology. Fotech says that because of the upgrade, a distributed fiber optic sensing solution can be deployed more simply, and for less money.

Fiber optic technology is great for monitoring natural gas pipelines because it can detect disruptions that typically indicate a leak or other significant problems. Fotech has managed to increase the range capabilities of the fiber optic technology without sacrificing detection sensitivity or accuracy.


More Than Just Fiber Optic Technology


LivePIPE II also features benefits that go beyond fiber optic technology. The project is Fotech’s introduction of its enhanced data and acoustic management technology. These technologies make it easier for remote pipeline inspection, giving operators a better look at the structural integrity of the pipeline.

If fiber optics indicate a potential problem, operators can live-stream the acoustics of the activity. This can assist operators in identifying the exact cause of the problem. Operators can also record data that can be stored for three months, which can be beneficial in helping companies develop detection algorithms to avoid potential future catastrophes.

CEO of Fotech Solutions Chris Shannon said that fiber optic technology is no longer a luxury for those in the gas and oil industry, but instead a necessity. Shannon has said that fiber optic technology can counter the growing threat of accidental pipeline damage, environmental damage, and pipeline theft. He also said that the LivePIPE II project provides innovative technology that helps companies mitigate risk, both financially and environmentally, against such incidents occurring.