Pipelines Awareness And Outreach Important For Pipeline Projects

Pipelines Awareness And Outreach Important For Pipeline Projects

Before announcing a new pipeline, companies should perform community outreach and make the public aware of the pipeline. Taking the time to do so can help once the project begins. Recent projects have shown how beneficial pipeline awareness and outreach can be when integrating into a new community.


Awareness An Integral Part Of The Atlantic Coast Pipeline


The Atlantic Coast Pipeline project provides a great example of what pipeline awareness and outreach can look like in today’s day and age. The project was changed over 300 times as developers tried to find the best route for their pipeline. They worked with local landowners and government regulators until they found a route that everyone was comfortable with.

Companies can work with members of the community to explain why the pipeline will be beneficial and what steps they are taking to avoid environmental damage. Companies can also listen to concerns expressed by local and consider these concerns when developing the line.

Those involved with the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project began reaching out to landowners in Spring of 2014, educating them about pipeline awareness. A few months later, contractors began hosting open houses. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, having been invited by the project’s developers, also attended these open houses in an advisory role. The developers involved with the project have said that community outreach is a big focal point for them.

The project also created thousands of jobs for local workers, with local economic advisors lauding the project’s contractors for doing so. Other pipeline developers should consider using a pipeline awareness and outreach initiative strategy similar to the one used by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project.


Taking Measures To Protect The Community


Companies could also benefit from investing in devices that will protect the environment. For example, Submar articulated concrete mats are an example of a tool that can be used to help protect the environment. Companies can explain to locals how submar mats will help best maintain the environment as it currently exists, preventing erosion and runoff.

Furthermore, submar mats can help preserve the integrity of pipelines and reduce the risk of future oil and gas pipeline remediation. Remediation can prove very costly, so it’s best to take preventative action sooner rather than later. Submar mats are a small investment that can go a long way in connecting with the general public and preserving a pipeline.