Pipelines Awareness Important For Projects

Pipelines Awareness Important For Projects

Pipelines are an integral part of the United States’ energy system, but many people fail to realize the role that they play. Pipelines are generally considered safe, and power homes and businesses. Unfortunately, pipelines have a very negative stigma about them. It would be beneficial for companies to encourage pipeline awareness moving forward.


Pipelines In The United States


The United States is home to over 2.5 million miles of pipeline. They are responsible for delivering the energy products vital to our everyday lives. Gathering, transmission and distribution companies work together to deliver these products to us. However, oil and gas pipeline remediation is a commonly seen whenever a new project is proposed.


Avoiding Oil And Gas Pipeline Remediation


Many citizens concerned with the environmental implications of a project will practice oil and gas pipeline remediation by protesting, signing petitions, or voicing their opinions throughout various forums.

Many people fail to realize how much research companies conduct to minimize the environmental impact of a project. For example, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project was changed over 300 times as developers tried to find the best route for their pipeline. They worked with local landowners and government regulators until they finally found a route that they were comfortable with.

Encouraging pipeline awareness can prevent future oil and gas pipeline remediation. Companies can work with members of the community to explain why the pipeline will be beneficial and what steps they are taking to avoid damaging the environment. Companies can also listen to concerns expressed by locals, and consider these concerns.

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline did a great job of this and set an example for awareness moving forward. That project also created thousands of jobs for locals. This is often overlooked, but stressing this point can make for a successful pipeline awareness and outreach initiative.