Ways Technology is Evolving the Pipeline Industry

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White House Issues New Permit for Keystone XL Pipeline

The new permit circumvents a court order by a Montana Judge in November that faulted the State Department’s previous environmental analysis. This could pave the way for beginning some preliminary work, according to Clearview Energy Partners. The Keystone XL is an $8 billion project. The pipeline, proposed more than a decade ago, would carry crude


Pipeline Exposure Poses Problems in New Mexico

Constant rainfall or a sudden surge of storm wash can create a hazardous situation for pipelines. If a pipeline is in danger of becoming exposed, its chances for failure increase. Fortunately, pipeline companies undertake many prevention and safety measures to ensure the integrity of their pipeline systems. A particularly dangerous situation can occur if an


Submar’s Solution to Desert Terrain Pipelines

Over the past 30 years, Submar has been the leader in pipeline erosion control, helping many companies working with oil and gas pipelines with their pipeline exposures and streambank stabilization concerns. One of the many ways Submar has helped companies is with its onshore and offshore articulated concrete revetment mats, but we know pipelines don’t


Ways the Oil and Gas Industry Fuels Education

Every day the oil and natural gas transported through pipelines enable the educational experiences of students across the country. In every classroom you can find essential equipment and tools made from petroleum products. Here are just a few examples of how oil and gas fuel education. School Supplies Many of the items students use in


4 Ways Pipelines Are Good for the Environment

From carbon emission to misconceptions about spills, pipelines sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to the environment, but the truth is pipelines are one of the safest ways to transport the oil and gas we depend on. Pipelines transport natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons, such as oil, from supply basins to various areas


Submar Finds a Remedy for Pipeline Exposure in Florida

Pipeline exposure is a dangerous complication that can actually worsen over time. Pipeline companies are committed to minimizing the danger of an exposed pipeline with prevention and safety measures. Submar is often part of the safety solution to keep the integrity of the pipeline system intact. The Problem In Florida, a 6-inch diameter natural gas