Virginia Approves Mountain Valley Construction

Virginia Approves Mountain Valley Construction

Mountain Valley Pipeline LLC recently submitted a request to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to begin construction on a project in Giles County, Virginia.


The Mountain Valley Pipeline


This project is expected to span just over 300 miles, stretching from northwestern West Virginia into southern Virginia. Mountain Valley Pipeline LLC is a joint venture between the following companies:

• EQT Midstream Partners LP
• NextEra US Gas Assets LLC
• Con Edison Transmission LLC
• WGL Midstream
• RGC Midstream LLC

EQT is the largest stakeholder in the project.


The Request Was Approved With Exceptions


Mountain Valley submitted a request for construction between mile markers 198.5 and 210.8. The FERC approved a majority of the requests, although said that further pipeline monitoring would be necessary to determine if construction can begin on the other locations.

Mountain Valley was denied access between mile markers 200.2 and 200.5, within the boundaries of the Big Stoney Creek Historic District. They were also denied access between mile markers 210.8 and 216.9, in the boundaries of the Greater Newport Rural Historic District.

Paul Friedman of the FERC stated that pipeline monitoring would be necessary by his agency. Mountain Valley would need to submit revised Treatment Plans for these two historic sites. The Virginia Department of Human Resources would need to review and approve these treatment plans before Mountain Valley would be allowed to construct in those areas.

The Big Stoney Creek issue is not likely as important, as stretches a minimal amount of the route. But the Greater Newport Rural district could prove to be a significant hurdle. It will be interesting to see if Mountain Valley begins construction on the project while they are awaiting further approval. They may choose to delay project construction until they come up with an alternative route that is approved by the FERC.