Client Projects

Client Projects


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Enterprise Job 15084

Enterprise Job #15084

  • Basemap of ROW from Mile 125-127
  • Location:
  • GPS:
  • Row:
  • Soil (Bed and Banks):
  • Date:
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Wink Pipeline MP 102.2

Wink Pipeline MP 102.2

GPS: N31.846509°, W104.751512°

The total span is approximately 70’

The A-frame support on the west bank is near the edge of a steep slope. Future erosion will destabilize the foundation

The 4 leg A-frame support is located 15’ from each bank. A 1 1⁄2” 6×19 wire rope is anchored into the ground 10’ further behind each A-frame. The pipe is suspended near the mid span from the wire rope spanning between the A-frames

The foundation system of the A-frame supports are unknown

The method in which the cable is anchored to the earth is not known

Date: 6/27/17

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