Submar Products

Submar provides Submar mats, articulated concrete revetment mats, for use in the most volatile and erosive environments. Our products are purposebuilt to protect your assets in subsea environments, inland streams and runoff washes, and arid locations where wind erosion is a primary concern. Submar 9” and 12” mats have been used successfully for pipeline separation, stabilization, and protection for over three decades. Articulating concrete mat crossings are accepted as the engineering standard by the DOT, BOEM/BSEE, and Pipeline Operators. Inland, our 4.5” articulating revetment mattresses are used as protective covering for exposed pipelines in rivers and streams. In desert environments, our Armadune articulating mattresses are the standard for trapping windblown sediment and promoting vegetation.


Submar Onshore Mats

Articulating concrete revetment mats are a cost-effective, long-term solution. These mats, which are also used for pipeline separations and erosion control, consist of flexible concrete elements…


Submar Offshore Mats

Sometimes referred to as a “mud mat,” “a Submar,” or “a wetcast,” Submar’s offshore mats are used and approved by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and offshore operators for their unparalleled safety and quality. Our offshore mats are…



Armadune wind mats are designed to work in sandy, desert environments. The mats’ tapered cells help collect sediment while the biaxial grid and excelsior matrix collect moisture and allow…