Hurricanes Bring Beach Erosion To Light

Hurricanes Bring Beach Erosion To Light

Last fall, three major hurricanes struck the United States and caused significant flooding and damage. While many people see the devastation on television, they fail to consider the major environmental impacts that hurricanes can have, such as beach erosion, a significant problem that can end up impacting offshore pipelines. Because these storms have been growing in intensity, the industry will need to focus on protecting offshore pipelines in the coming years.


Beach Erosion: A Growing Threat


Hurricanes and nor’easters have been growing in intensity over the past few years. Even if they do not make landfall, they can still impact offshore pipelines. Many cities have seen record-high tides as a result. When this happens, areas of land that previously had not seen tidewater are exposed to erosion, especially when low-tide sets in and waters rescind back out to sea.

The issue becomes even more concerning when considering the frequency of these storms. Last week alone, the East Coast saw three nor’easters. Such frequent exposure to strong tidewaters poses a considerable risk for those with pipelines running through coastal shoreline.


Submar Has Valuable Experience


Submar, Inc., has the experience needed to protect our coastlines moving forward. We have over two decades’ worth of experience stabilizing shorelines. We have a corporate office stationed in Houma, LA, and manufacturing facilities located in:

  • Louisiana
  • Florida
  • New Jersey
  • California

We offer a variety of versatile products for pipeline exposure and pipeline erosion control. If you’re worried about beach erosion risks, Submar may be able to provide products like the Submar articulating concrete mats to help. We have provided services in over 43 states for 90% of the country’s major pipeline companies. If you’re one of the remaining 10%, you should consider using Submar for your next project.