Maintaining the Right-of-Way after Pipeline Construction

Maintaining the Right-of-Way after Pipeline Construction

Many companies focus on pipeline construction but do not pay nearly enough attention to pipeline maintenance. If the pipe is working well and operating as it should, why is there a need for pipeline maintenance? Proper pipeline maintenance can help prevent costly repairs in the future. The sooner companies can discover and repair a problem, the less expensive it will be. It’s easier to clean up a small mess than a big one.

A perfect example of this is the pipeline right-of-way. Federal law requires specific surface conditions for a line so that workers can conduct maintenance at any time. Because these lines stretch for hundreds of miles, companies often neglect the pipeline right-of-way. Keeping a clear right-of-way can help prevent accidents and keep your employees safe.


Things to Consider When Maintaining Right-of-Way


When maintaining the right-of-way, companies cannot just begin working on their line. Instead, they must make a reasonable effort to contact the stakeholders who have been affected. Part of their correspondence should be an explanation why vegetation management is an essential component of the maintenance process.

Also, consider the fact that maintaining the right-of-way can prevent pipeline disturbances. If an operator from another company cannot see the signs marking your pipeline, your pipeline is at serious risk for significant damage. Third-party incidents are one of the leading causes of pipeline damage. Maintaining the right-of-way can keep your pipe and all visual warnings in clear view.


Submar Can Help You Maintain the Right-Of-Way


Submar is one of the most trusted companies in the oil and gas pipeline industry. They have demonstrated that no matter the project, they are reliable, deliver quality materials, and construct long-lasting solutions. Companies know that when working with Submar, they are receiving quality and dedication.

The crews at Submar can help maintain the right-of-way on your pipeline. Submar’s teams are well-versed in government standards and requirements, meaning they will make sure every inch of your pipe is both safe and compliant. They will also handle all aspects of right-of-way notifications, taking this burden off you.

They will also use a number of their products, including Submar mats, to control vegetation growth around your pipeline. You can use Submar mats to protect your line while also preventing erosion and soil runoff. These products are an affordable solution to help avoid pipeline maintenance down the road. Because the mats control vegetation growth, it is easy to trim and maintain plants and weeds.