OSHA Standards and Guidelines for the Oil and Pipeline Industry

OSHA Standards and Guidelines for the Oil and Pipeline Industry

In the oil and gas pipeline industry, there is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of the products, equipment, and employees. Submar’s philosophy is simple: if a job cannot be done safely, it should not be done at all.


Oil and Gas Industry Guidelines for OSHA


OSHA standards have been set in place to ensure that you have been provided with a safe workplace that contains no recognized hazards that could potentially cause any harm or even death to employees.

When following OSHA standards and guidelines as they pertain to the oil and gas industry, one must inspect the equipment that is being used and the general care and servicing.


OSHA General Requirements


To adhere to OSHA guidelines, employers must ensure that the surface conditions present on the work site are able to be safely walked on and are kept clean and orderly. These areas include anywhere an employee would frequent.

  • Trenching

Certain allowable slopes regarding trenching are considered safe for employees. Many injuries and even fatalities are reported each year due to trench collapses, so it is important to adhere to all guidelines such as never entering an unprotected trench and always using a protective system when the trench you will be in is greater than a foot.

  • Equipment

In the oil and pipeline industry, you use several large machines and other equipment. Under OSHA, all equipment must be maintained and properly operating. All cranes and other equipment should be inspected prior to use.

  • Safety Checklists

To further help prevent injury while on the job site, go through the safety checklists as they pertain to eye and face protection, foot and hand protection, and head protection.

Employees should wear boots that are both slip-resistant and puncture resistant, gloves that fit snugly, eye and face protectors, and hard hats.

Submar’s crews are fully-trained and fully-qualified to work on any site. Understanding the importance of following all OSHA safety guidelines and standards is critical to ensuring a safe working environment for everyone. Learn more about Submar’s commitment to safety in all of our pipeline exposure remediation projects. (link: https://submar.com/safety/)