Onshore Mats

Onshore Mats

Onshore Mats

Articulating concrete revetment mats are a cost-effective, long-term solution. These mats, which are also used for pipeline separations and erosion control, consist of flexible concrete elements connected by ultraviolet stabilized copolymer extruded fiber rope.

Submar Revetment Mats

The Submar revetment mattress is an articulating concrete mat that is commonly used as protective cover for pipelines in rivers and streams.

The concrete mat solution will provide a long-term, continuous system of hard-armor protection for the entire length of the pipeline from high bank to high bank.

The mats are considered “engineered riprap” and, in comparison to riprap, will perform better in the bed of the stream where the highest shear stresses occur.

The mats have a low hydraulic profile in the streambed at only 4.5-inches thick.

The mats can be removed and replaced for maintenance of the pipeline if necessary.

The concrete mats will articulate and self-adjust with the streambed to prevent the upstream migration of future head cut erosion.

The mats allow for natural vegetation, restoring the look of a natural riparian corridor. The vegetation allows them to blend with the natural surroundings, creating wildlife habitats and increasing biodiversity within the stream.

Because the mattress articulates over time and acts as a grade control structure, the hard-armor mat system will hold the current grade and prevent future degradation of the streambed. Grade control structures can provide vertical stability to the local area around the structure and also to the entire channel system, thus having far-reaching, positive impacts.

This solution is an alternative to lowering the line: it is more cost-effective, and the construction will result in less overall disturbance.

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