The Dangers of Landslides and How to Protect Your Pipelines

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Inside the Pipeline Monitoring Operation

Inside the Pipeline Monitoring Operation Pipeline companies use a wide variety of methods to monitor pipelines, from highly advanced technology to patrolling the pipeline right-of-way. Visual inspections are done regularly – either by walking, flying, or using drones – and the industry also uses electronic monitoring from high-tech control rooms and patrols inside the pipeline.


Anomaly – Integrity Digs: Our Services

Submar is committed to ensuring pipelines run safely and smoothly. When a routine inspection detects something out of the ordinary, something that may even result in a leak – it’s time to take action. Pipeline operators use smart pig technology to detect abnormalities quickly and effectively. Some anomalies include metal loss or corrosion, which could


4 Ways Submar Can Help Your Pipeline Project Stay on Track

Submar offers a variety of stand-alone professional services to handle pipeline exposure mitigation for the oil and gas pipeline industry, including site inspection, construction, environmental permitting, civil design engineering, and drone monitoring. You can pick and choose the services you need or hire our team to find solutions for your job site from beginning to


How Submar Helps Subsea Pipelines Stay Safe and Functional

 The Gulf of Mexico is one of the busiest shipping lines in the world. It’s also crisscrossed with miles of subsea pipelines. The northern Gulf, where both pipelines and vessel traffic are most concentrated, offers the oil and gas companies complicated problems. Marine pipelines’ most serious risks come from collisions with anchors and fishing nets,


4 Techniques Submar Uses to Advance Your Pipeline Project

Submar is uniquely skilled to meet your pipeline project needs. In fact, when it comes to pipeline erosion control and streambank stabilization for the oil and natural gas pipeline industry, Submar has specific techniques that will help advance your projects. Turnkey Solutions This is the fastest and most efficient way to let Submar advance your


Pipeline Exposure Poses Problems in New Mexico

Constant rainfall or a sudden surge of storm wash can create a hazardous situation for pipelines. If a pipeline is in danger of becoming exposed, its chances for failure increase. Fortunately, pipeline companies undertake many prevention and safety measures to ensure the integrity of their pipeline systems. A particularly dangerous situation can occur if an