Shell Reports $18B Loss as Global Oil and Gas Prices Collapse

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Pipeline Industry Preparing for Seasonal Emergencies

The highest priority for every energy pipeline company is protecting the public, the environment, and its employees from harm. Throughout the global pandemic, pipelines deliver gas, oil, and other fuels people need. These companies follow all the safety advice from health care authorities and government officials, and they have taken extra steps to keep their


New Survey Looks at Energy Sector Amid COVID-19

Despite the upheaval from COVID-19, energy and industrial leaders will likely continue to commit their companies to decarbonization programs, according to Deloitte. The consultancy reported Wednesday that it has surveyed 600 C-suite executives and other senior corporate leaders about low-carbon trends and strategies. “This year has turned out to be a decisive one for the


Keeping COVID-19 Away from Pipeline Construction Sites

Pipeline crews work in close quarters. Crews travel together to the work sites by bus or company vehicles. During work shifts, they take breaks and eat meals together on the buses. While convenient, these practices can pose a risk for virus transmission. During the current pandemic, physical distancing is a critical priority that pipeline construction


Pipeline Companies are Keeping Essential Pipeline Operators Safe

What are pipeline control rooms? Busy, highly focused, and fast-paced professional environments, these are sophisticated facilities where operators monitor pipelines 24/7. They use state-of-the-art computer systems (similar to air traffic control systems) to recognize and respond quickly to any unexplained changes to the flow or pressure in a pipeline. Within the control rooms, walls of