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Canada Approves $5.5bn Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline Project

Canada has approved the Trans Mountain expansion project after a federal court sent it back for review last summer. The Canadian political party Federal Liberals took the rare step last year of buying the pipeline for C$4.5bn to help ensure the project’s survival. Environmentalists and some First Nations fiercely oppose Trans Mountain. Prime Minister Trudeau


Which Submar Mat is Best for Your Project?

A Guide to Our Articulating Concrete Revetment Mattresses From land to water to deserts, Submar has a solution to fit your pipeline project in any terrain. Our articulating concrete revetment mats are a cost-effective and long-term solution for protecting your pipelines and remediating erosion issues. Submar’s mats consist of flexible concrete elements connected by ultraviolet


How Submar Helps Wildlife Return to a Pipeline Site

The number of animals listed as endangered, threatened, or a special concern grows year after year. Much of the land that pipelines run through contains wildlife that need special protection. Responsible pipeline companies do everything they can to protect the wildlife population. Minimizing the impact on animals, fish, and plants plays a significant role in


The Submar Solution is the Perfect Fit for Pipeline Exposure in Indiana

Once a pipeline becomes exposed, its chances for failure increase. Fortunately, pipeline accidents are extremely rare. Pipeline companies undertake many prevention and safety measures to ensure the integrity of their pipeline systems. A particularly dangerous situation can occur if an underground pipeline is exposed due to erosion; that’s where Submar comes in. Big Blue River,


Pre-1960s Pipelines Are Creating a Building Boom

The ongoing boom of pipeline construction is probably bigger than you think. Consider this: according to a Pipeline & Gas Journal report, 250 oil and gas companies, ranging in size from 6 million to 1,300 customers, are currently building pipelines throughout the US and Canada. Many of those projects are to rehabilitate older pipelines. Miles


Post-Construction Site Monitoring

In 2017, Submar installed a special system of articulating concrete revetment mattresses in New Mexico: Armadune mats, which are designed to work in desert environments. The mats’ tapered cells help collect sediment while the excelsior matrix collects moisture and allows root system development. Tate Salas, our Southwest Regional Sales Manager, is conducting a post-construction site assessment