The Dangers of Landslides and How to Protect Your Pipelines

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How Pipeline Operators Protect Animal Habitats

Migration and habitats are critical considerations for pipeline design. With approximately 2.5 million miles of transmission pipelines crossing the U.S., construction and maintenance activities could affect animal habitats from time to time. That’s why animal habitats and migration patterns are factored into the earliest planning and design stages for pipeline projects, right through the construction


Keeping Pipelines Safe During Fire Season

Wildfire season has kicked off for most of the United States. Communities are already seeing impacts, like reduced energy measures; some energy companies have been forced to shut down facilities for safety reasons. With millions of miles of transmission pipelines stretching across the country, owners and operators of our nation’s pipelines plan and prepare for


Submar’s Solution to Desert Terrain Pipelines

Over the past 30 years, Submar has been the leader in pipeline erosion control, helping many companies working with oil and gas pipelines with their pipeline exposures and streambank stabilization concerns. One of the many ways Submar has helped companies is with its onshore and offshore articulated concrete revetment mats, but we know pipelines don’t


Submar Finds a Remedy for Pipeline Exposure in Florida

Pipeline exposure is a dangerous complication that can actually worsen over time. Pipeline companies are committed to minimizing the danger of an exposed pipeline with prevention and safety measures. Submar is often part of the safety solution to keep the integrity of the pipeline system intact. The Problem In Florida, a 6-inch diameter natural gas


Post-Construction Site Monitoring

In 2017, Submar installed a special system of articulating concrete revetment mattresses in New Mexico: Armadune mats, which are designed to work in desert environments. The mats’ tapered cells help collect sediment while the excelsior matrix collects moisture and allows root system development. Tate Salas, our Southwest Regional Sales Manager, is conducting a post-construction site assessment