What is the Overall Impact of Water Erosion?

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Post-Construction Site Monitoring

In 2017, Submar installed a special system of articulating concrete revetment mattresses in New Mexico: Armadune mats, which are designed to work in desert environments. The mats’ tapered cells help collect sediment while the excelsior matrix collects moisture and allows root system development. Tate Salas, our Southwest Regional Sales Manager, is conducting a post-construction site assessment


Looking At the Geology behind Wildfires

For those in the oil and gas pipeline industry, it’s important to take the time to understand the geology behind wildfires. Wildfires are often under-looked as a threat to pipelines but can cause significant damage, especially when it comes to erosion and altering a landscape. Fortunately, there are some tools available to the industry that


Submar Mats and Best Management Practices

A Submar project should not be considered complete until the solutions team implements Best Management Practices (BMPs). The group of engineers at Pipeline Monitoring understands this. After surveying your project site, they will come up with a solution for long-term sustainability that meets BMP standards for your area. Our clients often find that the answer