Blast from the Past: Submar Opens a New Facility

Blast from the Past: Submar Opens a New Facility

Oil and gas pipeline industry professionals are well aware of Submar as the leading manufacturer of articulated concrete block mats, also known as Submar mats. Submar has been producing and installing articulated concrete block mats for more than three decades. Here’s a look at an archived news article and some background information on how Submar rose to success.


Submar Manufacturing Facility


An article in The Courier dated December 12, 1993, discusses how Submar was set to open its new manufacturing facility in Houma. Although Submar had been involved with articulated concrete block mats for eight years prior, 1993 was only the second year in which the company had been manufacturing the mats.


Product Innovation


The article demonstrates how even in 1993, Submar was a leader in the pipeline exposure industry. At the time, Submar was selling mesh mats to cover pipelines. Angel said that the mesh mats cut down installation times by 67 percent and cut costs by 75 percent. The mats were designed specifically to capture sediment so that over time, soil banks would grow higher and protect pipelines.

To this day, Submar continues to be an innovative leader in pipeline exposure industry, continuing to come up with new products that help protect pipes. With experience you can trust, Submar should be the go-to choice for pipeline projects.