Drone Technology Can Revolutionize Our Industry

Drone Technology Can Revolutionize Our Industry

Do you struggle with pipeline maintenance? That’s understandable. It’s difficult to maintain hundreds of miles of pipeline and account for cracks or erosion. Thanks to new technology, however, pipeline maintenance is a challenge that is becoming easier to overcome. The Submar, Inc., team has recently introduced exciting drone technology to help with pipeline monitoring and maintenance.


Why Drones Are an Effective Tool


Submar is pleased with the expansion of drone technology and how it will benefit our clients. Drone technology allows an operator to survey a project site from a control room and spot any changes in the pipeline, where we can then dispatch a team of engineers to the scene. Drones also result in reduced project costs. By using drone technology, we have been able to reduce man-hours in half, savings that are passed on to the client directly. That means our employees can be busy working on other important aspects of the project.


Drones as a Surveying Tool


Where drones have begun to excel and will continue to do so is as a surveying tool. By implementing drone technology and Google Earth into our surveying practices, we have a better overall view of the challenges faced by clients with exposed pipelines. Submar surveyors now have access to a bird’s-eye view of a project site. After capturing pictures and data, a 3D map is sent to our engineering team, who then fine-tune the topography and tailor the solution specifically to the client’s project. Additionally, taking aerial photography and video allows us toshow you exactly how our proposed plan will impact the surrounding landscape.

Additionally, Submar surveyors operating the drones have extensive technical surveying knowledge after years of conducting site assessments