Education and the Oil & Gas Industry

Education and the Oil & Gas Industry

In every classroom you can find essential equipment and tools made from petroleum products. Here are just a few examples of how oil and gas fuel education.

School Supplies
Many of the items students use in the classroom have their beginnings in the oil and gas industry: glue, paints, plastics, calculators, and even the computer all owe their parts to the booming industry.

How could students go to school without the bus? Besides the gas in the tank, the wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round thanks to rubber, which gets its start from oil.

Lunch Hour
Maybe the “best” part of the school day happens in the lunch room. Those trays and utensils are all made via the oil and gas industry, plus the ingredients are delivered by a truck that uses gas to power its engine.

Many states with a healthy oil and gas industry have established funds for education. A good example of this is the Permanent School Fund in Texas. This fund ensures that crude oil and natural gas production from state lands provides some $16.8 billion in an endowment.

Once students graduate from high school or college, the industry is waiting with open arms. In Louisiana alone, the oil and gas industry employees 43,000 people and pumps over $4 billion in wages into the state’s economy.

The oil and gas industry is constantly making strides in every state. To stay on top of contributions and developments, read our Submar blog.