Erosion Control in the Vermillion River Corridor

Erosion Control in the Vermillion River Corridor

As plans begin to come together for a new project in the Vermillion River corridor, one thing is abundantly clear – developers are going to need to invest heavily in streambank restoration and erosion control to help protect the area. Dakota County, where a majority of the project is set to take place, has made clear that they don’t intend to work on the project alone.


The Vermillion River Corridor


Dakota County recently released a 101-page draft outlining what would be needed to help protect the Vermillion River corridor. The project’s intentions are quite apparent; the first guiding principle in the draft states that protecting the corridor today is necessary for future generations.

The county has limited financial resources, which means they are going to ask local landowners to help do their part to protect the corridor. The county plans to work with landowners to:

• stabilize existing streambanks
• take erosion control measures
• create new buffer zones
• adding natural curves to the river again


Erosion Control and Your Pipeline Project


If you are a landowner living in the Vermillion River corridor and are concerned about erosion control, consider contacting Submar. Submar is one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to erosion control, with many products available to help solve your problems.

Submar has over two decades of experience, having completed 1,200 projects in 43 states, making them one of the most trusted companies in the industry. The company will survey your land and come up with a comprehensive design that should help slow the rate of decay.

The company typically uses their one-of-a-kind Submar mats to help with erosion control. The mats are a useful tool to help encourage new vegetative growth and slow runoff rates. They are an affordable solution. Those living in the Vermillion River corridor should consider them as one of the top options available.