Erosion Control at Indian Bayou

Erosion Control at Indian Bayou

As part of the Avalon Beach Subdivision Roadway Stabilization, Erosion Control, and Monitoring Plan being worked on between commissioners and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, $68,000 was approved to create and expand protection measures at the Indian Bayou.


Enacting Erosion Control Measures


The money will be allocated to enacting erosion control measures that include silt fencing, hay bales, and rock dams in the bayou to help guard against erosion as well as filter red clay sediment.
Importance of Erosion Control Measures

Erosion control measures can protect the quality of your water. Protection measures can also ensure waste, debris, and other dangerous or harmful substances do not impact waterways.


Temporary Soil Erosion Control Measures


Temporary soil erosion control measures are often put into place during the construction phase of a project until the job has been completed and the company has been given a chance to install a permanent erosion control measure.
A few measures used to prevent soil erosion include slope surface modification as well as slope gradient reduction. Planting vegetation in the soil is also an effective means of preventing soil erosion; the roots, stems, and leaves of the vegetation will remain to help prevent erosion in the future.


Permanent Soil Erosion Control Measures


Permanent soil erosion control measures are actually designed into the overall plan during the construction phase so that there is a long-term for stormwater management practices after construction has ended.

When controlling runoff, the primary measure that can be taken is to cover the surface. Aggregate cover, mulching, seeding, and turf reinforcement mats (TRM) are all effective ways to cover the surface and help prevent soil erosion during the construction phase of a project.

The runoff control methods should be used in conjunction with source control because there is no way to cover every exposed area on site. When the runoff is controlled and soil erosion is prevented, the water stays clean and unpolluted.