How Oil and Gas Make the Holidays Possible

How Oil and Gas Make the Holidays Possible

The holidays are an exciting time: from visiting family to finding perfect gifts, oil and natural gas products help to make these holiday traditions possible.

Holiday Travel

Last year, about 384.74 million gallons of gasoline were consumed every day. With many people heading home to be with family over the holidays, gasoline fuels the trips and makes them possible. With just one 42-gallon barrel of oil, 19.4 gallons of gasoline are produced. With the other half of the gallon, products that we use every day are produced. On top of putting gas in our cars and helping to create these products, the industry helps to fund roads and emergency services that many depended on throughout this time of year.

Holiday Meals

You might use natural gas to cook your holiday dinner, and you probably use more oil and gas products in your kitchen than you realize. Your non-stick pan is made possible by the industry, as are your plastic containers, detergent to clean those containers, and the plastic bottles that you drink from. Even your synthetic counter top and vinyl floor are made from oil and gas contributions.

Holiday Gifts

Byproducts of oil and natural gas production include shampoo, candles, trash bags, soap, shoes, footballs, lipstick, cameras, refrigerators and more.

All of those “smart” gifts under the tree are also made possible by the oil and gas industry. Computers, smart pads, smart phones, robotic toys, and more all have a beginning in the oil and gas industry. Your TV is also touched by the industry, as well as the insulation in your home, your sound system, lamp shades, lotions, lipsticks, and the paint covering your walls.

Keeping Warm

Natural gas currently heats about one in four homes in the U.S., but that number is growing rapidly as more homeowners and developers realize that natural gas can be less than half the cost of electric heating.

The industry also contributes to your overall happiness and well-being. Everything in your home—from laundry detergent to water bottles to your TV and sound system—has parts that would not be possible without oil and gas. For many of the items that help keep you relaxed, happy, and healthy, you can thank the oil and gas industry.

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