Pipeline Erosion Control

Pipeline Erosion Control

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Submar is the leader in pipeline erosion control for the oil and gas pipeline industry. Pipelines are at risk of pipeline exposure caused by wind and water erosion.  Pipelines, like the ones featured here, are exposed over time by seasonal flooding and wind erosion. To address these challenges, Submar employs proven pipeline exposure remediation techniques, which include but are not limited to streambank stabilization, installation of Submar articulated concrete revetment mats, and overall site stabilization.  Submar has been leading the field for over 30 years, starting with offshore pipeline erosion control projects for the oil and gas industry and eventually moving onshore. Today Submar provides virtually all of the oil and gas industry with purpose built tools, including Submar’s onshore articulated concrete revetment mats, offshore mud mats, and our latest product, the Armadune wind mat. Submar’s turnkey services, professional services, and offshore deployment frames are part of an overall solution designed to diagnose the erosion control problem, provide for efficient and effective pipeline exposure remediation, and deliver regularly scheduled monitoring and maintenance to ensure project stability.

Typically, the Submar Team begins with a detailed and thorough site assessment. Our engineering department creates design drawings detailing existing conditions and the proposed solution. Site description, engineered design drawings of the proposed product placement, scope of work, and a quote for the construction and material costs are all included in the proposal. Once accepted, Submar moves forward with the next three steps: permitting and regulatory, construction, and post-construction monitoring. In many cases, Submar’s existing long-term relationships with various regulatory bodies streamlines the permitting process to expedite construction.

When it comes to construction for all pipeline erosion control projects, safety is the absolute priority. If we cannot execute pipeline exposure remediation safely, then we will not do it at all. Learn more about our commitment to safety.  Once the project is completed, our clients rely on us to monitor the previously exposed pipeline and manage the site stability. In addition to our performing regular site visits, we also allow our clients to monitor their sites from the comfort of their climate-controlled environments through individual pipeline project Web pages, which include  heat maps, drone videos, still image galleries, and even 3D videos. Each step is critical in the overall management on each pipeline erosion control project.

View some of our case studies to learn more about projects we have completed and see why Submar, with over 30 years of experience, continues to be the leader in pipeline erosion control.