Submar Streambank Stabilization Case Study

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Temporary Seeding and Revegetation Can Help with Streambank Stabilization

When a job site is disturbed, it is crucial that appropriate measures are taken to address streambank stabilization. Failure to do so could cause significant project delays and end up costing millions of dollars in repairs. Two of the most straightforward methods available to help with streambank stabilization are temporary seeding and revegetation.


Sediment and Pipeline Erosion Control for Wetland Crossings

When installing oil and gas pipelines, many companies have to run their pipeline through wetlands. One of the most significant challenges they face is sediment and pipeline erosion control for wetland crossings. Companies could consider taking tips seen in the Erosion and Sediment Control Plan from the Pennsylvania Pipeline Project.


Pipeline Erosion Control

Submar is the leader in pipeline erosion control for the oil and gas pipeline industry. Pipelines are at risk of pipeline exposure caused by wind and water erosion.  Pipelines, like the ones featured here, are exposed over time by seasonal flooding and wind erosion. To address these challenges, Submar employs proven pipeline exposure remediation techniques,