Submar Mats Are Proudly Made In the United States

Submar Mats Are Proudly Made In the United States

Submar, manufacturers of Submar articulating concrete revetment mats, is proud to be American owned and operated. Nothing is more representative of this than our Submar mat manufacturing facilities in San Antonio, Texas; Parsons, Kansas; and Mulberry, Florida. Our mats have been used to protect pipelines and coastlines for over two decades.


Submar Does It All


Many companies involved with environmental contracting only offer a partial service, but Submar is proud to be an American company that actually does do it all. We identify pipeline exposure and erosion control issues and then manufactures, distributes, constructs, and monitors the solution. Solutions are completely tailored to the project. We send a team of surveyors and engineers to a project site and get to know you and the goals of your project so that we may better understand what you are looking for and what problems you face.

We offer a complete turnkey operation, from the first step of the project to the last. Our products carry the most comprehensive erosion control warranty in the industry.


Submar Mats


Submar mats are a great preventative solution for any pipeline exposed above ground or below water. The mats are articulated concrete blocks that interlock with each other to create a comprehensive grid system. They can be draped over a pipeline to protect it and also be used to prevent storm drainage, runoff, and other erosion control issues. The mats are easy to install and should be done so during the initial project stage as an investment in the future of your project. The mats are affordable, but they are even more of a value when considering how much they cost relative to the costs of having to shut down and repair a line that has failed.