The Gold Shovel Standard And Submar Mats

The Gold Shovel Standard And Submar Mats

The Gold Shovel Standard is considered to be a revolutionary excavation safety program. Thanks to submar mats, it’s easier than ever to meet this standard.


What Is The Gold Shovel Standard?


The Gold Shovel Standard is a nonprofit organization that released a first-of-its-kind safety program intended to protect the underground gas and electric system while reducing dig-ins. The group has put an incredible amount of importance on transparency in all aspects of damage prevention for those involved with the excavating process, including

• Operators
• Locators
• Contractors

The Gold Shovel Standard ensures that contractors are adhering to regulations and guidelines that ensure the safest excavation standards. Additionally, contractors must be vetted at least once per year to help make sure they remain up-to-date with industry practices and techniques.


What Are Submar Mats?


Submar Articulating Concrete Revetment Mats are a great tool to help contractors in the oil and gas industry meet the Gold Shovel Standard. Although Submar mats are often used for erosion control, many don’t realize that they are a cost-effective, long-term solution to protect pipelines that are submerged in shallow water.

Contractors must show incredible care and concern when protecting their pipelines that are in shallow water. Dig-ins could easily occur if proper precautions are not taken. Many of these pipelines are seen in the shallow inlets of the Gulf of Mexico, where the water is no more than 15 feet deep. In these shallow waters, pipelines are often protected by less than a foot of cover.

Submar mats are flexible, interlocking concrete blocks that are secured by cables. They can be draped over an exposed or shallow-buried line easily. Doing so not only provides a durable concrete barrier that meets the Gold Shovel Standard but also prevents runoff.

Submar mats stabilize the soil, which is important when there is so little soil covering the line.The mats can prevent subsoils from draining. They also allow vegetation to grow, which will also serve as a protective measure that keeps soil in place. Submar mats have been proven to have zero significant impact when used in the Louisiana Coastal Zone.