Wind Erosion and the Products and Services Submar Offers to Mitigate Them

Wind Erosion and the Products and Services Submar Offers to Mitigate Them

Oil and gas pipeline professionals need to concern themselves with three different types of erosion: onshore, offshore, and wind. All three are significant threats to companies concerned about pipeline erosion control. Submar offers numerous products that help reduce the risk of erosion. The final portion of this blog series will take a more in-depth look at wind erosion and the products that Submar has to help.


Wind Erosion


For those working in dry, sandy conditions, wind erosion should be a severe concern. Wind can not only alter a landscape, but it can also wear away at your pipeline as wind blows sand from one place to another. A portion of your pipeline that was buried just a few days ago can be completely exposed to the elements.

When the wind blows, fine grains of sand hit your pipe. Over time, this beating acts as sandpaper and slowly wears away at the structural integrity of the pipeline, making it vulnerable to cracking.


Submar Armadune Mats


Instead of watching wind erosion ruin their pipelines, most oil and gas pipeline industry pros are proactive when it comes to pipeline erosion control. For those in dry conditions, we recommend the Submar Armadune wind mat.

The mats feature tapered cells to collect sediment that is beneficial to vegetative growth. Meanwhile, an exterior excelsior matrix gathers moisture particles from the air. When the two combine, an interior root system takes hold, making it possible to grow vegetation even in dry conditions. These sturdy mats and accompanying vegetation make the area surrounding your pipeline firmer, lessening the risk of pipeline exposure due to wind erosion. Learn more about the Armadune.