4 Ways Submar Can Help Your Pipeline Project Stay on Track

4 Ways Submar Can Help Your Pipeline Project Stay on Track

Submar offers a variety of stand-alone professional services to handle pipeline exposure mitigation for the oil and gas pipeline industry, including site inspection, construction, environmental permitting, civil design engineering, and drone monitoring.

You can pick and choose the services you need or hire our team to find solutions for your job site from beginning to end.

  1. Topographical Surveying and Mapping

Submar can provide topographical surveying services via a site assessment survey that will assist in engineering design. Our surveying equipment consists of RTK GPS, robotic total stations, and unmanned aerial vehicles (a.k.a. drones) that collect the project site data. After the data is collected, civil designers use AutoCAD 3D software to create measured drawings that will serve as base maps for the proposed design improvements. In addition to the measured drawings, other deliverables include 3D models, aerial videos, and aerial photos.

  1. Engineering Analysis, Design, and Technical Specifications

Submar can provide an engineering analysis and design solution for all types of erosion and pipeline protection problems. Our solutions can include mechanically stabilized earthen (MSE) walls, articulating concrete block mats (ACBM), lightweight ACBM wind mats, longitudinal peaked stone toe protection (LPSTP), riprap/stone materials, bendway weirs, steel sheet pile, and turf reinforcement mats (TRM). We can develop technical specifications covering the many manufactured products that become part of our designs.

  1. Post-Construction Engineering Services

Submar offers engineering services consisting of project monitoring and performance assessments after our projects are constructed. Immediately after construction is completed and the project is accepted by the client, we will document site conditions that will serve as a baseline for comparison to site conditions in subsequent years. Site conditions can be documented by conducting a topographical survey as discussed above and analyzing the surveys to determine whether site conditions have changed such that they may hinder the performance of the design improvements. We can make recommendations to improve system performance or to prevent a complete failure of the design improvements in the future.

  1. Integrity Digs

The process begins when a routine inspection detects something out of the ordinary. Submar is committed to pipelines running safely and smoothly. If a possible flaw is detected by a smart pig, our team will zero in on the exact location, and the pipeline can be safely exposed then repaired. After the repairs, our team cleans the land and returns it to a natural state.

From the initial mapping to post-construction monitoring, Submar has all of your needs covered. To learn more about these services and how we can help, see our services page.