Atlantic Coast Pipeline Stresses Safety

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Stresses Safety

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a huge project set to take place over the next few years. The project will create a 600-mile long stretching from West Virginia, through Virginia, and into North Carolina. The project is expected to create tens of thousands of jobs for local residents. Although it’s great for the economy, working with this many people can be dangerous.

These workers will be trained by their local unions, but the companies developing the project will also be responsible for pipeline construction safety. It will be necessary for them to meet standards and guidelines set forth by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.


Commitment To Safety


Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s website says that their number one core value and full-time job is safety. The team of developers has made a point to exceed the rigorous industry standards set forth by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.

The PHMSA continually evaluates new information, data, and technology inputs to achieve their goal of workplace safety. In their Mission Statement, PHMSA says that their goal is to keep people and the environment safe. They acknowledge that while pipelines and hazardous materials are essential to our daily lives, they need to be transported safely. To do this, the PHMSA has

• Established a National Policy
• Set, Enforced, and Reevaluated Standards
• Educated Those Involved with a Project
• Conducted Research to Prevent Pipeline Catastrophes From Occurring


Safety Practices On The Project


Atlantic Coast Pipeline has said that you can expect to see some of the following commitments to construction safety during the project.

• Site Safety – Efforts will be taken to protect communities, contractors, and employees during every phase of the project

• Compliance Inspectors – The company pledges to have hundreds of inspectors on the job site every day of the project. This will not only keep workers safe but will also protect against pipeline failures in the future. Inspectors will ensure the company is meeting conditions set forth in their permits.

• Materials – The company pledges to use only materials of the highest-quality that have passed multiple inspections