Everyday Ways You Use Oil and Gas in Your Home

Everyday Ways You Use Oil and Gas in Your Home

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), even as the world embarks on a low carbon pathway to help meet climate change commitments, oil and gas will still be an integral part of our everyday lives for decades to come. The IEA expects demand for oil to grow to 103.5 million barrels of oil per day (mb/d) in 2040, compared to 92.5 mb/d in 2015 – an increase of 11%.

So just how many times a day are we interacting with products made possible by the oil and gas industry? Let’s explore.

In the garage:

Obviously, you likely use gas or diesel to make your car run, but did you know petroleum products are also used in other components of the vehicle? Car seats, windows, lights, tires, breaks and hydraulic fluids, and much more. Even your safety belts contain products from oil and gas.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/architecture-auto-automobiles-bridge-210182/

In the kitchen:

You might use natural gas to cook your food, but you probably use way more oil and gas products in your kitchen than you realize. Your non-stick pan is made possible by the industry, as are your plastic containers, detergent to clean those containers, and the plastic bottles that your drink from. Even your synthetic counter top and vinyl floor are made from oil and gas contributions. The food in your kitchen was most likely fertilized to help growth at some point, and fertilizer is made using petroleum.

In the living room:

If you are reading this article on your computer or smart phone from the comfort of your upholstered sofa, you are using oil and gas products as your read. Your TV is also touched by the industry, as well as the insulation in your home, your sound system, lamp shades, lotions, lipsticks, and the very paint covering your walls!

As you can see, the oil and gas industry is a major player in our everyday lives. Without oil and gas, we would have to say goodbye to every day products and necessities in our lives.