Things to Do While In Houma

Things to Do While In Houma

Submar, the leader in pipeline erosion control, is located in Houma, Louisiana. The area is rich in Cajun culture and history. If you’re coming to visit and have some time before or after your visit to the Submar office, here are a few ideas.

The Bayou Terrebonne Waterlife Museum

This should be one of the first stops that you make on your way into Houma. The museum does an excellent job describing the traditions, industries, and personal stories that shaped the Houma area over the past couple of hundred years. Cajun music is performed weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7 PM. Museum tickets are just $3 each for adults. Learn more here:

The Southdown Plantation/The Terrebonne Museum

The Southdown Plantation/The Terrebonne Museum is a 19th-century sugar plantation and manor house. Inside, visitors take guided tours to see various antiquities and historical items that are hundreds of years old. Those visiting the area can choose to go on a self-guided tour of the workers’ cabin or on a fully-guided tour of the house and slave quarters.

The venue also hosts a Semi-Annual Marketplace Artisan Craft Show. In the spring, the show takes place on the Saturday before Easter weekend. In the fall, the show is always on the first Saturday in November. If you are planning a trip to Houma, the Semi-Annual Marketplace Artisan Craft Show will provide you the opportunity to view local Cajun art.

The Mandalay Wildlife Refuge

The Mandalay Wildlife Refuge, while five miles outside of Houma, is also well worth the visit. The sanctuary contains more than 4,400 acres of ponds and freshwater marshes. In addition to hundreds of man-made canals and levees, the Intracoastal Highway runs through the area. The refuge was established in 1996 by the Gulf Coast Joint Venture of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan.

While visiting the refuge, it’s likely that you’ll see migratory waterfowl. You’ll also see other wildlife native to Louisiana, including alligators. If you’re looking to see the natural beauty of Houma, go no farther than the Mandalay Wildlife Refuge.

Tour the Regional Military Museum

This museum is in the heart of downtown Houma and honors those who served the United States military and commemorates the sacrifices they made. Inside, you’ll see thousands of military artifacts. There are numerous audio-guided walking tours available, and visitors can also purchase access to various shows. There is a discount available to all active military and veterans.