Pipeline Monitoring

Pipeline Monitoring

Submar is well-known as the pipeline erosion control leader in the oil and natural gas pipeline industry. While Submar is perhaps most famous for Submar mats, which are articulated concrete revetment mattresses, Submar also uses multiple methods for pipeline exposure remediation. Among the arsenal of Submar tools is pipeline monitoring.

Through the use of drones and other modern monitoring tools, monitoring oil and natural gas pipelines for exposure, leaks, and cracks is an important preventative measure. Pipeline monitoring allows Submar’s engineers a chance to detect potential problems with the line in advance of a leak or spill. Submar can also use the technology to identify buried metallic objects that could prove hazardous to your line.

Pipeline Monitoring and Erosion Control

One of the most significant benefits of pipeline monitoring is the data collected that displays landscape changes over time. Cameras, maps, and differential thermal imaging systems all help to detect how much a streambank has changed throughout weeks, months, and years. Submar’s engineers can then use that information to determine if the rate of erosion is adequate or if the area is eroding too quickly. When a high rate of erosion is detected, Submar then applies other tools like streambank stabilization, mechanically stabilized earth, and articulated concrete mats to stabilize the streambank and prevent future runoff.

An Investment in the Line

Submar’s pipeline monitoring services are an investment in your project and part of a larger strategy to help protect oil and gas pipelines. Contact Submar to learn more about pipeline monitoring and other pipeline exposure remediation techniques and how they can customize a solution for you.