How Submar Can Help Your Project in a Marine Environment

How Submar Can Help Your Project in a Marine Environment

With shifting coastlines, natural tides, storms, and constant traffic, it’s easy to see how subsea pipelines can be impacted over time. Storms can cause wave- and current-induced movements of nearshore sediments, which can affect the depth of burial and integrity of pipelines laid in waters less than 60 feet deep. Plus, vessels and Gulf traffic have a large impact on the life of the pipelines.

Submar’s articulated concrete revetment mats can help to combat these offshore issues. The mats prevent pipelines from shifting when resting on the Gulf floor and protect pipelines buried within the waters. Submar has delivered hundreds of thousands of articulated concrete mats worldwide to pipeline companies.

Sometimes referred to as a “mud mat,” “a Submar,” or “a wetcast,” our offshore mats are used and approved by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE). Our offshore mats prompted the development of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Coastal Use Permit General Permit 24. Our offshore mats are known for their unparalleled safety and quality. Submar mats can be supplied with patented non-shielding, non-abrasive pads. These pads were developed to protect thin-filmed epoxy coated pipelines from contacting our concrete mats.

Our offshore mats are the most effective and long-lasting solution to traditional alternatives, such as riprap, sandbags, structural concrete, grout mats, and other durable hard-armor protection systems.

Also, as a complement to our offshore Submar mats, we offer a full line of deployment frames to safely place our mats. Whether you’re working in five feet or 5,000 feet, we have a frame suited for your deployment.

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