The Importance of Water Protection on the Job Site

The Importance of Water Protection on the Job Site

Stormwater runoff can negatively impact waterways if construction companies do not implement Best Management Practices (BMPs). Submar leaves a job site only after fully complying with construction site stormwater runoff control.


Pipeline Innovations


Pipelines are typically coated to prevent them from incurring any damage. These sophisticated outer coatings may also do well in helping to prevent corrosion while also providing abrasion protection.

Proper stormwater management involves more of a holistic system management approach that considers several other factors, including the overall cost and the effectiveness of the practice.

It is best to look at the bigger picture when finding innovative ways to manage stormwater and prevent any damage rather than examine each factor on an individual basis.


Runoff Control on the Construction Site


If stormwater runoff is not properly dealt with immediately on a construction site, then nearby water systems can be greatly impacted, along with animal and plant life.

To reduce pollutants found in stormwater runoff, there should be practices in place to help control erosion and sediment with BMPs and set requirements to control other waste materials found at the construction site.

Once these requirements have been set, procedures are then needed to relay this information to the proper people and make a plan to begin inspections and enforcement of the requirements for runoff control.


Causes of Stormwater Runoff


Stormwater runoff pollution comes from a variety of different land surfaces and is due to several different behaviors, including littering, disposing of pet waste, using chemicals on the lawn, and disposing of hazardous materials like paint and other household chemicals.

To help prevent this pollution, it is important that we change our behavior, properly dispose of these hazardous materials to lessen the effect and impact they have on our environment, and keep them out of our water systems.


Promote BMPs


To promote BMPs, we must find ways to avoid polluting stormwater runoff and successfully implement these plans and maintain their effectiveness. To begin with, following municipal stormwater and construction site requirements for Stormwater Phase II is a good first step.