Submar Mats: The Story Behind the Industry-Leading Articulated Concrete Revetment Mats

Submar Mats: The Story Behind the Industry-Leading Articulated Concrete Revetment Mats

Submar has long been a leader in pipeline erosion control. The company has continuously been on the forefront of innovation, designing new products that help assist those in the oil and gas pipeline industry with onshore and offshore pipeline exposure remediation. One of the products Submar is most well-known for is the Submar Mat, an articulated concrete revetment mattress.

The Submar Story

Submar has provided articulated concrete mats to the offshore oil and gas market since its inception more than three decades ago. At that time, Submar was a small company providing concrete mats to companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico. Since those days, the company has continued to grow and expand its efforts.

The company took a significant step forward in 1997 when it entered the onshore erosion control market. Since then, Submar has completed onshore erosion control projects in 43 states and has become an industry leader in offshore and onshore pipeline protection. In addition to key players in the pipeline industry, Submar also works with other entities, including:

 Civil
 Commercial
 Governmental, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


What Makes Submar Unique?


One of the factors that sets Submar apart from others in the industry is the ability to create new products and customized solutions for any project. No challenge is too massive for Submar to handle. When a potential customer reaches out with a need, Submar enjoys coming up with a solution to solve their problem. This innovation and creative spirit has allowed Submar to serve multiple sectors in a variety of markets.

Additionally, Submar makes a concerted effort to protect the environment. All of their designs are environmentally-conscious, which makes Submar the ideal choice when facing pipeline erosion control issues. Two of the products Submar uses most are onshore mats and offshore mats.


The Growth of The Offshore Mat


The offshore mat is the product Submar introduced more than three decades ago. You may already be familiar with Submar mats, as they tend to go by numerous names, including “mud mat,” “wetcast,” and “a Submar.” Today, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) both approves and uses Submar articulated concrete mats. The BSEE has acknowledged that these mats offer safety and quality unlike any other product in the pipeline erosion control industry.

One of the reasons offshore mats have remained popular is of their longevity. They tend to last much longer than other alternatives, including, sandbags, structural concrete, riprap, and grout mats. Additionally, offshore mats feature unique non-shielding, non-abrasive and patented pads, which protect pipelines from coming into contact with the heavy-duty concrete mats.

These offshore mats were instrumental in the development of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Coastal Use Permit General Permit 24. Learn more about Submar’s products.