Submar Lexicon: Headcut

Submar Lexicon: Headcut

When discussing pipeline erosion control measures for a project, one of the terms that Submar is likely to use is “headcut.”


Headcut Definition


Headcuts are streams that have a sudden vertical drop, otherwise known as the knickpoint. When evaluating headcuts, the Submar team considers the knickpoint to be the beginning of the cut.


Signs of a Headcut


On a large scale, a waterfall is a type of headcut. Unfortunately, when dealing with pipeline erosion control, the warning signs are not as obvious. If there is no water flowing through the stream, the headcut will appear as a bluff or a short cliff.

Additionally, the Submar team will look for springs or groundwater seeps along in various places of the headcut, including the:

• Sides
• Face
• The base of the cut

Pipeline Erosion Control

Headcuts can be difficult to combat. If you notice a headcut, it is crucial that you contact a trusted erosion control company, such as Submar, as soon as possible. The Submar team will look to install the best erosion control measure to counter the headcut. They may also seek to elevate the stream so that the effects of the headcut are not as drastic.