Submar Streambank Stabilization Case Study

Submar Streambank Stabilization Case Study

Submar specializes in innovative solutions to control runoff and erosion of oil and natural gas pipelines. The industry leader in streambank stabilization, Submar has more than three decades of experience. Recently, Submar led a streambank stabilization project at North Fork Black Hawk Creek in Iowa.

The Problem

Technicians tasked with surveying land in North Fork Black Hawk Creek came across two exposed 26-inch diameter pipelines. The exposures were caused by a meandering stream that removed cover atop the pipelines and eroded the banks.

The Solution

Submar was called in to evaluate how they could install streambank stabilization methods that would prevent the erosion issues from happening again. The team at Submar began by grading the project site so they could create smooth contours. Next, they installed a Longitudinal Peaked Stone Toe Protection (LPSTP) system to prevent erosion from happening in the future. They then implemented their articulated concrete revetment mattresses, or Submar mats, onto one of the areas of exposed pipelines.

The articulated concrete mats were beneficial for a few reasons. First, the mats protected the lines against future damage that could have occurred as a result of the lines’ being exposed to the elements. The client was fortunate that the exposed lines were discovered before they grew into a bigger problem.

Secondly, the mats were a practical solution because they create a long-term solution. Submar’s concrete mats encourage vegetation, a much more cost-effective solution than merely reburying the lines, where runoff could again become an issue.