Offshore Erosion and the Products and Services Submar Offers to Mitigate Them

Offshore Erosion and the Products and Services Submar Offers to Mitigate Them

Oil and gas pipeline maintenance professionals need to concern themselves with three different types of erosion: onshore, offshore, and wind. All three are significant threats to companies concerned about pipeline erosion control. Fortunately, Submar offers numerous products that can help reduce the risk and concern of erosion. Part Two of this blog series will take a more in-depth look at offshore erosion and the products Submar has to help.


What Is Offshore Erosion?


Offshore erosion is of particular concern for companies who install coastal pipelines, such as those in the Gulf of Mexico. The ocean floor is constantly changing due to strong water currents. Whether an oil or gas pipeline is wholly or partially buried, there is a good chance that a significant portion of the pipeline will be exposed if companies do not take measures to mitigate the risk of offshore erosion.

Leaving a pipeline exposed is dangerous and often leads to expensive ramifications. Today’s leading oil and natural gas pipeline companies are proactive and address offshore erosion during the initial installation of their pipelines.


Submar Offshore Mats


Submar is the leader in the erosion control industry with numerous products and services to combat different types of erosion. One of the most effective tools to counter the effects of offshore erosion are Submar’s offshore mats.

These mats are both approved and used by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE). They are an incredibly durable solution lasting for decades. They last much longer than alternative offshore erosion solutions, such as riprap, structural concrete, and sandbags. The mats lay on top of and next to the pipeline, protecting it from erosion and encouraging underwater vegetative growth.