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Case Study: Pipeline Exposure in New Mexico

Three pipelines cross an unnamed waterway in New Mexico. Sparse vegetation grows in soil composed of clay and sand. Heavy rainfalls have eroded the soil, resulting in headcutting and streambed degradation that exposed one of the pipelines. The project area was graded to create uniform contours, followed by the installation of a system of Submar


Offshore Erosion and the Products and Services Submar Offers to Mitigate Them

Oil and gas pipeline maintenance professionals need to concern themselves with three different types of erosion: onshore, offshore, and wind. All three are significant threats to companies concerned about pipeline erosion control. Fortunately, Submar offers numerous products that can help reduce the risk and concern of erosion. Part Two of this blog series will take


Submar Mats: The Story Behind the Industry-Leading Articulated Concrete Revetment Mats

Submar has long been a leader in pipeline erosion control. The company has continuously been on the forefront of innovation, designing new products that help assist those in the oil and gas pipeline industry with onshore and offshore pipeline exposure remediation. One of the products Submar is most well-known for is the Submar Mat, an