Submar Articulated Concrete Revetment Mats Help Fight Bank Migration

Submar Articulated Concrete Revetment Mats Help Fight Bank Migration

If you are constructing a pipeline near a river, stream, or former waterway, bank migration is an issue. Rivers are dynamic features of the landscape; the riverbed is in constant motion. Removing the natural covering of vegetation can drastically accelerate bank migration. To help fight this type of erosion, Submar attacks on several fronts.

First, Submar studies the natural and historical topography of the stream and designs a solution accordingly. A pipeline buried in a straight section of a river could actually end up in a bend over time if the natural contours of the waterway are not taken into consideration.

Second, Submar’s articulated concrete revetment mats promote the growth of natural plants and trees. The mats help to mimic the riverbank, which will create stability both immediately and over long periods of time.

For one client in Texas, bank migration exposed pipelines near residential homes.

The two 8-inch pipelines and one 10-inch pipeline parallel a flood-control ditch. The largest pipeline exposure was approximately 136 linear feet. Submar worked with a geotechnical survey company to establish subsurface soil conditions, find the location of the existing slope, and develop geotechnical engineering recommendations for pipeline exposure remediation.

Using streambank stabilization techniques to guard against pipeline exposure, protect the pipelines, and restore the slope, Submar graded the project site and armored a section of the banks with a system of Submar articulated concrete revetment mats. The mats were installed from the toe of the slope over the exposed pipelines, and the edges of the Submar mat system toed into 4-inch deep anchor trenches. This solution provides hard-armor protection for the pipelines and slope protection for the underlying soils, creating and maintaining a stable bank. The job was completed by cleaning, dressing, and reseeding all disturbed areas.

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