Which Submar Mat is Best for Your Project?

Which Submar Mat is Best for Your Project?

A Guide to Our Articulating Concrete Revetment Mattresses

From land to water to deserts, Submar has a solution to fit your pipeline project in any terrain. Our articulating concrete revetment mats are a cost-effective and long-term solution for protecting your pipelines and remediating erosion issues. Submar’s mats consist of flexible concrete elements connected by ultraviolet stabilized copolymer extruded fiber rope and are expertly engineered for use in the most volatile and erosive environments.

So, which articulating concrete revetment mat is right for your project?

This Submar revetment mattress is an articulating concrete mat that is commonly used as protective cover for pipelines in rivers and streams. It will provide a long-term, continuous system of hard-armor protection for the entire length of the pipeline from high bank to high bank.

These mats are considered “engineered riprap” and, in comparison to riprap, will perform better in the bed of the stream where the highest shear stresses occur. The concrete mats will articulate and self-adjust with the streambed to prevent the upstream migration of future headcut erosion while encouraging growth of native vegetation. The mats can also be removed and replaced for pipeline maintenance if necessary.

Sometimes referred to as a “mud mat,” “a Submar,” or “a wetcast,” our offshore mats are used and approved by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and offshore operators for their unparalleled safety and quality. Our offshore mats are the most effective and long-lasting solution to traditional alternatives such as riprap, sandbags, structural concrete, grout mats, and other durable hard-armor protection systems. They also prompted the development of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Coastal Use Permit General Permit 24.

These mats can be supplied with patented non-shielding, non-abrasive pads. These pads were developed to protect thin-filmed epoxy coated pipelines from contacting our concrete mats.

Armadune wind mats are designed to work in sandy, desert environments. The mats’ tapered cells help collect sediment while the excelsior matrix collects moisture and allows root system development. These highly specialized mats typically are picked up with forks on a skid steer and straddle the pipeline before being set down. The mats are rolled out by hand and with the help of an excavator.

Submar’s articulating concrete revetment mats have been used successfully for pipeline separation, stabilization, and protection for over three decades. Articulating concrete mat crossings are accepted as the engineering standard by the DOT, MMS Contractors, and pipeline operators.

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